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V/A – Hiatus, The Peaceville Sampler


This is one of the best 1980’s compilations I know of, alongside A Vile Peace and Hardcore Holocaust, this is top notch! I especially like the variety of the genres on Hiatus. Gold, Frankincense and Disk Drive was a strange band to put on a punk compilation, but in a peculiar manner they fit comfortably. I suggest you track down a copy of this gem, the video below is of GF+DD, as I think they deserve to be heard more. Other good bands on Hiatus are Electro Hippies, Doom, Sore Throat and Extra Hot Sauce. Enjoy!


Sore Throat – Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid


This lp is another lifechanger for me. Basically I have tried to mimic side A in most of the music I have made since 1989…

For fuck’s sake, look at the tracklist:


This still sounds way more extreme, than most of the so called extreme music to follow it.



Side B is very good too.


It was released as MOSH10 on Earache.

Infofofo: http://www.discogs.com/Sore-Throat-Disgrace-To-The-Corpse-Of-Sid/release/367330

Culture Shock – All The Time

I bought this lp when I lived in England in the early 1990’s. My main reason for the purchase, was that Dick Lucas from Subhumans sang on it.

I haven’t given it a spin for more than a decade, but it’s fresh and funny.

Info: http://www.discogs.com/Culture-Shock-All-The-Time/release/1358650

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