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Cows – Cunning Stunts


I honestly can’t tell how and when I discovered this album. But recently I stumbled upon a Spotify playlist I made with it, and I have listened rather much to it since.

The opening slap and crying child, is a instant attention-getter, and the following 39 minutes is catchy rocky bliss.

I rather quickly decided to obtain this album, and luckily at has just been rereleased, so it was a nobrainer getting it.

I really dig the cover, and I have a very soft spot for extensive liner notes.



I have stolen the images for this blog post from the discogs entry, as I’m writing this away from my own copy of the record.

Napalm Death – Utopia Banished

When this lp came out in June 1992, I had just moved to Copenhagen. I had been quite disappointed by Harmony Corruption, and was wary of the thought of a Napalm Death without Mick Harris.

“The world keeps turning – We overdose on overdrive.”
(The World Keeps Turning)


But I wasn’t dissapointed.

Not at all. In fact this was and is one of the best Napalm Death albums ever. Mind you, I still worship every second of grind made by the Steer/Dorrian/Harris-lineups, but since that gang went to its grave, this new revitalized band is a bloody good substitute. Danny Herrera is one of my all time favourite drummers, and Barney has here honed his trademark vitriolic lyrics and singing to something Unique.

“We overdose on overdrive, we spin out of control.”
(The World Keeps Turning)


A funny thing about Utopia Banished, is how much influence there is from the From Enslavement To Obliteration lp.

It is as if Harmony Corruption had never existed. And I consider it a tragedy for grindcore in general and me personally (yeas yeah) that they didn’t follow the path laid out for them here, but instead chose that boring industrial route they blundered around in for the next 8 years. The of course came Enemy Of The Music Business and Napalm Death were back with a vengeance.

Go have a beer and a listen!

Either this original lp version: http://www.discogs.com/Napalm-Death-Utopia-Banished/release/739080

Or this great remastered cd: http://www.discogs.com/Napalm-Death-Utopia-Banished/release/3703196


Oh and let’s not forget this industrial schlager:


Sadness, despair.
Sometimes the things I cherish,
Sometimes that’s all I’ve got,
And that’s enough.

Bitterness, anger.
Man made torture,
Not to be shared.

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