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Myrkur – M


This has been a hugely anticipated lp for me. And I was totally satisfied by it. Tonight I’ll have the pleasure of seeing Myrkur live, and I really look forward to it.


Myrkur – Myrkur

Myrkur - Myrkur Vær hilset. Ever since I saw Relapse Records promoting this ep, I’ve been intrigued. I’ve also worried that it would be crap. I got the record in the mail today, and I’m happy to say that it is in fact quite good. It even has the potential to grow on me I suspect. I really like the spheric vocals, and the drums (that some people dislike) sounds fine and groovy to me. The songs are good, and the musicianship fine for this old grinder. I might give this ep an extra review later on, when I have had the chance to delve into its depths. The kvtl/vn-kvlt-ness of this record is of no significance to me. I think this is a good black metal record, and I look forward to hearing more from her in the future.


Bremer/McCoy – Enhed

Wow, this is a good record. It was released a week or so ago. And is worth every buck. This is high quality Danish jazz mixed with roots reggae.


You should grab this baby while supplies last.

It’s available on Spotify too.


War Of Destruction – A Touch Of Scandinavia


I love War Of Destruction. You should too. They are Denmark’s best kept secret. Angry hardcore.


Info: http://www.discogs.com/War-Of-Destruction-A-Touch-Of-Scandinavia/release/1855097

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