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Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden


Oh how I love this lp. It came out when I was 9 years old, and I had no clue… But when I got turned to on to heavy metal in 1984, Iron Maiden was the very first band I openly admitted to liking (I secretly liked Destruction earlier, but only accepted myself as being a heavy freak after listen to Iron Maiden’s Flash of the Blade from Powerslave in late ’84).

Much debate has gone on through the years about who is the better singer for Iron Maiden – Paul Di’Anno or Bruce Dickinson, I personally have no grudge against either.

I hope you’ll enjoy this, as much as I do.


Angel Witch – Doctor Phibes


Let me tell you this. I love Angel Witch.

I heard them first from my good friend Kenneth. I remember him taping their 1980 album Angel Witch for me sometime 20-odd years ago. That led me to this lp which includes said lp as well as their Loser single. Go get some NWOBHM!!


Iron Maiden – Somewhere In Time


Today it is 9741 days ago I bought this lp. I turned 16 that day (yes I’m 42 now).

I was a bit sceptic about the alleged “guitar synths” used, but my fears were put to shame. This is an absolute masterpiece. Vital and brilliant all the way through.


The only thing that disturbs perfection is the band photo on the inner sleeve:



Info: http://www.discogs.com/Iron-Maiden-Somewhere-In-Time/release/1129681

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