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Sodom – Demonized (2017)


I ❤️ Sodom! And the Witching Metal demo from 1982 is an old favorite of mine. I was very happy, when I got the news that Floga Records was about to release an lp with the Witching Metal demo and also the Victims Of Death demo from 1984.

This is a great release, and a must have for the connoisseur of early thrash. Enough said, go get it!!


Triple Thrash Treat

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Triple Thrash Treat was my favorite part of Headbangers Ball on MTV back in the day… And my old chum Frederik just brought me back in time today, when he returned three classic thrash albums he borrowed from me 20 years ago (or so).

To be honest, I had completely forgotten that I had those lps, and I was stoked to get them back. Many a time I have been looking at them on discogs, but felt they were too expensive, so the thrill of suddenly owning them is huge.

The records are:

Destruction – Infernal Overkill

Destruction – Eternal Devastation

Sodom- Mortal Way Of Live

Sodom was the first band I saw live in Copenhagen, they played with Whiplash April 6th 1988. It was quite a good show.

Anyway, these three records are very close to my heart, being rough and energetic and catchy as hell.

Did I mention that the cover of Mortal Way Of Live is among the most kinky album sleeves ever? Have a look:


Happy cat!

Over and out!

Condemned? – Humanoid or Biomechanoid?


Back in the olden days, I was a big fan of Attitude Adjustment and Attitude?. Condemned? is the band bassist Keith Chatham made after a relocation to Australia. Attitude? was for a brief time called Condemned Attitude, and the bands recorded some of the same songs. I might be mistaken on some of this, as I have this information from my faulty memory of articles read in xeroxed punk/hardcore mags 20-odd years ago. And it seems to be quite wrong, read their real bio here: https://www.facebook.com/condemned/info?tab=page_info

I ordered this lp at Radio Holm in Ribe, but forgot to pick it up, and later discovered it in the bargains crate – my luck. Musically it is dark, spaced out and a tiny bit experimental crossover.

Nevertheless, this is a good record, that still gets frequent spins.

Condemned? are still active and in 2011 released the excellent Condemned 2 Death cd.


Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Agorapocalypse

I was hugely disappointed when this lp came out. It put me off Agoraphobic Nosebleed for quite a while. But time mellows all feelings, and in recent months I have come to embrace the re-invented thrashy ANb.

The addition of Katherine Katz to the line-up, is a good thing. She sounds all sorts of pissed off, and easily matches the venom of Richard Johnson and James Randall. Scott Hull plays and programs like an evil genius.

I’d really like to go to Maryland Death Fest 2015 and see them live, but I fear my meager funds won’t get me there.

About Agoraphobic Nosebleed; I got into them quite late, I read about them in Albert Mudrian’s excellent book Choosing Death in 2004, and was intrigued by the notion of drum machine grind. Especially since I had plans of my own to make some machine-grind of my own.

The first ANb record I bought was Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope, then Honky Reduction, and then I began collecting their 7”s. Currently I have 26 Agoraphobic Nosebleed releases in my collection, but that includes multiples of their albums (cd/vinyl) and compilations.


Slayer – Show No Mercy

This record is in my opinion Slayer’s best work. Not that I’ve heard it all, mind you, but the punky ferocity on this lp hasn’t been matched by the band in their other works. And as you might have gathered from my previous posts on this blog, I have a certain fondness for having quite a bit of punk in my metal.

I heard this lp for the first time at my friend Ken’s house. We spent many hours obsessing over various records, and i recall Show No Mercy to be one of our absolute favorites. The thing was, that back then in 1985 you only had access to the music you – or one of your friends owned. There was radio, true, but Danish radio have always been more about gumpetung blues rock and weak pop than metal and punk. The only exception was Thursday evening’s Cementmix hosted by Katrine Ring and Alex Nyborg Madsen. I’m sure it was in a Cementmix we heard Slayer for the first time. I remember thinking they had more punch than Metallica. The music was menacing, and unlike anything else I had heard at the time. But it was still catchy and groovy, so instant win.

I had many years where I was disgusted with Slayer, but Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s cover of The Antichrist from Show No Mercy rekindled my old love. The ANb cover can be heard on their split with Halo:

The reason for me spinning this lp today is that I’m binge watching Californacation, and the main character Hank Moody’s novels are called South Of Heaven, Seasons In The Abyss and God Hates Us All. All names of Slayer lps.

So here I am on a monday afternoon, unable to go to work due to a nasty eye infection, listening to Show No Mercy.

The version I have, is the grey vinyl Back On Black reissue. Strangely enough it is only now I own this record. I should have bought it 30 years ago…


Jucifer – Throned In Blood

This is some dirty, gritty shit. Very highly recommended. I have been into Jucifer for a few years, I like their very personal take on all things metal and punk. I hope to see the live in Copenhagen some day.



Joel Grind – The Yellowgoat Sessions

YES!!! Thrashy blackish metalpunk! This is Bathory worship when it’s done to perfection. Joel Grind should be a household name by now, due to his merits in Toxic Holocaust. Here he is alone and darker than ever.

I had the fortune to get my mucky claws on this lp in time, as prices are getting steadily higher.


Sore Throat – Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid


This lp is another lifechanger for me. Basically I have tried to mimic side A in most of the music I have made since 1989…

For fuck’s sake, look at the tracklist:


This still sounds way more extreme, than most of the so called extreme music to follow it.



Side B is very good too.


It was released as MOSH10 on Earache.

Infofofo: http://www.discogs.com/Sore-Throat-Disgrace-To-The-Corpse-Of-Sid/release/367330

Napalm Death/S.O.B. – Split 7″ Flexi


I love this 7″. This is my third copy. I wore the two first out back then… Now they cost around € 20. Then about £ 1,5.

Read it all here: http://www.discogs.com/SOB-Napalm-Death-SOB-Napalm-Death/release/2195277

Sabbat – History Of A Time To Come

“Bell, book and candle, candle, book, bell,
Forwards and backwards to damn me to Hell.”
I still remember my scepticism when I was told that there was an English thrash band called Sabbat. I decided to give their lp a chance, and was rewarded with this beast of a thrash lp.

The lp here, is bought on Discogs, as my original lp was sold to my brother in one of our many trades.


And yeah, this record is recorded in West Germany.


More knowledge: http://www.discogs.com/Sabbat-History-Of-A-Time-To-Come/release/2183472

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