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Sore Throat – Unhindered By Talent

Three Seconds Long!!! This is the lp that really defined the micro-song as a valid and beautiful genre for me. The amount of noisy drunken fun on display here is overwhelming.

“Out of tunes guitars, with broken strings, unintelligable growls, and smashed drum sticks. Unhindered by talent, but we don’t give a fuck, if you don’t fucking like it, then tough fucking luck.”

There is so much spite and venom in the lyrics, I remember being a crusty peacepunk being shocked at the anger towards D.R.I. and other bands. I just wanted everybody to be happy…

The Molecatcher and A Bow To Capital makes for well deserved breathers in all the great feedbacky racket. Both unusual but great. I still need to know more about Pete Pax.


Positive drinking attitude

Doom – Corrupt Fucking System

I’m happy to say that this is one fine Doom lp. Raw and vital with a filthy production. The lyrics are to the point and intense pieces of political poetry.



Eat shit and buy

Intense Degree – War In My Head


I was introduced to Intense Degree via the fantastic Hardcore Holocaust – The Peel Sessions compilation. I remember looking forward to hearing a full length from ID. This lp is a fine example of UKHC in the 1980’s. I’m not aware of Intense Degree getting anything near the recognition they should have, go listen whereever you can!


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