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Bathory – Bathory


Look! Batlord!

This lp is so innocent and simple. No one knew how this would change the path of many a youngster, not least in Norway. No need to delve into that tragedy again.

Bathory was always a favorite of mine, I heard the songs on Scandinavian Metal Attack vol. I and II first. It was harsh stuff back in 1984. Now as a seasoned veteran, I enjoy the roughness and naïvety of the early Bathory, as well as the pompous viking stuff of later albums.

Tribulation – The Children Of The Night


I first learned of Tribulation after reading a review of their 2008 album The Horror. I bough it, and loved it. The thrashy death metal on that lp is fresh and invigorating. Listening to The Horror while writing this review, I am surprised to find that I can recognize many details in it, that reminds me of The Children Of The Night. But still, The Horror is quite straight forward.

The Children of The Night is anything but straight forward. Laddies and gentlemen. We might have the beginning of the future of metal here.

There, I said it!!

The Children Of The Night is a fantastic lp. I have listened to it quite a lot since its release, and haven’t really begun to fathom its depths yet. But smack my arse and call me Charlie! This is some good music, that transcends genres and rules. I taste Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Morbid Angel, Entombed, Ulver and so many other influences. I’ll be surprised if this lp oesn’t end up on top of many a Best of 2015-list.

Did I mention that it is a double vinyl with music on three sides, and a cool etching on side 4?

I might return with a better review – maybe even a track by track – later. For now, I’ll just engulf my self in the musical bliss that is The Children Of The Night!


Gruesome – Savage Land


Today I got this lp in my mailbox, and was somehow sent back to the late mid-1980’s. Everything on this record reeks of said period, even the classic artwork.

The comparison to the first couple of Death albums is easy, and I also catch a whiff of early Autopsy here.

Enough said, get your hands on this soon-to-be-classic!

Emptiness – Nothing But The Whole


I know nothing about Emptiness, but am pleasantly entertained… They seem to be Belgian. This lp is from 2014, and has gotten some cool reviews, and deservedly so. Lurking out-of-the-ordinary and creepy black metal.


Angel Witch – Doctor Phibes


Let me tell you this. I love Angel Witch.

I heard them first from my good friend Kenneth. I remember him taping their 1980 album Angel Witch for me sometime 20-odd years ago. That led me to this lp which includes said lp as well as their Loser single. Go get some NWOBHM!!

Godflesh – A World Lit Only By Fire

This is a wet dream come true. A monolithic wet bastard of a dream. A new Godlesh lp, featuring the unholy trinity of Justin, Ben and Machine. I was deeply saddened by the 2002 message from JK that Godflesh was disbanding. God flesh was a huge part of my musical upbringing. The first record I heard was Streetcleaner back in 1989. I got it for christmas by my parents, and it was an eye opener for me. The massive monotone beats and the scorching guitar mated with that slab heavy bass.

Fast forward to present day. Back in June we got the brilliant Decline & Fall ep, which made me a very happy divorcee. Justin Broadrick has been by my side at every breakup I’ve had, and it seems fitting that Godflesh disbanded when I met my ex-wife, and released new material when we got divorced. My hippie girlfriend Mette with whom I shared 5 years back in the 1990’s was broken up with by me the the mantra “be what you are, don’t fucking care” from Love And Hate In Dub…

And now as the divorce has been dealt with, and I have moved away from my ex and my son, it is very fitting that the first lp I buy in my new home, is the new Godflesh, A World Lit Only By Fire.

I was a bit nervous when I listened for the first time. I was anxious that it might be crap. Luckily, that isn’t the case. I consider this the strongest Godflesh record since Selfless. I like the later records too, but have always had a hard time accepting human drummers in the mix.

From the very beginning feedback of New Dark Ages, I feel happy. The doomy riff on Deadend and the dark beauty of all the following tracks is a highly stimulating experience.

If you haven’t listened to Godflesh before, now is the time.

Go enjoy it on Spotify, and then go buy the record.

Of course in blood red vinyl…


Myrkur – Myrkur

Myrkur - Myrkur Vær hilset. Ever since I saw Relapse Records promoting this ep, I’ve been intrigued. I’ve also worried that it would be crap. I got the record in the mail today, and I’m happy to say that it is in fact quite good. It even has the potential to grow on me I suspect. I really like the spheric vocals, and the drums (that some people dislike) sounds fine and groovy to me. The songs are good, and the musicianship fine for this old grinder. I might give this ep an extra review later on, when I have had the chance to delve into its depths. The kvtl/vn-kvlt-ness of this record is of no significance to me. I think this is a good black metal record, and I look forward to hearing more from her in the future.

Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Agorapocalypse

I was hugely disappointed when this lp came out. It put me off Agoraphobic Nosebleed for quite a while. But time mellows all feelings, and in recent months I have come to embrace the re-invented thrashy ANb.

The addition of Katherine Katz to the line-up, is a good thing. She sounds all sorts of pissed off, and easily matches the venom of Richard Johnson and James Randall. Scott Hull plays and programs like an evil genius.

I’d really like to go to Maryland Death Fest 2015 and see them live, but I fear my meager funds won’t get me there.

About Agoraphobic Nosebleed; I got into them quite late, I read about them in Albert Mudrian’s excellent book Choosing Death in 2004, and was intrigued by the notion of drum machine grind. Especially since I had plans of my own to make some machine-grind of my own.

The first ANb record I bought was Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope, then Honky Reduction, and then I began collecting their 7”s. Currently I have 26 Agoraphobic Nosebleed releases in my collection, but that includes multiples of their albums (cd/vinyl) and compilations.

Slayer – Show No Mercy

This record is in my opinion Slayer’s best work. Not that I’ve heard it all, mind you, but the punky ferocity on this lp hasn’t been matched by the band in their other works. And as you might have gathered from my previous posts on this blog, I have a certain fondness for having quite a bit of punk in my metal.

I heard this lp for the first time at my friend Ken’s house. We spent many hours obsessing over various records, and i recall Show No Mercy to be one of our absolute favorites. The thing was, that back then in 1985 you only had access to the music you – or one of your friends owned. There was radio, true, but Danish radio have always been more about gumpetung blues rock and weak pop than metal and punk. The only exception was Thursday evening’s Cementmix hosted by Katrine Ring and Alex Nyborg Madsen. I’m sure it was in a Cementmix we heard Slayer for the first time. I remember thinking they had more punch than Metallica. The music was menacing, and unlike anything else I had heard at the time. But it was still catchy and groovy, so instant win.

I had many years where I was disgusted with Slayer, but Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s cover of The Antichrist from Show No Mercy rekindled my old love. The ANb cover can be heard on their split with Halo:

The reason for me spinning this lp today is that I’m binge watching Californacation, and the main character Hank Moody’s novels are called South Of Heaven, Seasons In The Abyss and God Hates Us All. All names of Slayer lps.

So here I am on a monday afternoon, unable to go to work due to a nasty eye infection, listening to Show No Mercy.

The version I have, is the grey vinyl Back On Black reissue. Strangely enough it is only now I own this record. I should have bought it 30 years ago…

Ghost – Opus Eponymous & Infestissumam



I have taken a long time to get to writing about my love for Ghost. But now I’m ripe.

Ghost is a Swedish heavy metal band. Little is known about the true identities of the members, who guise as Nameless Ghouls (instruments) and Papa Emiritus II (vocals).

They have released two albums, and this entry is about them both.

Opus Eponymous is their first lp. It deals heavily with satanic and carnal matters. The music is incredibly groovy. I read about Ghost when this was released, and gave the record a spin on Spotify. But I wasn’t in the mood for it, and dismissed it as wannabe Mercyful Fate. Then their second lp Infestissumem came out, and I stumbled upon a nifty yellow vinyl edition one day and had some change in my pocket. So I bought it, and was blown away. To be honest, I have always loved music with a satanic edge. I am not a satanist, but as you can see on this blog, I often listen to satanic music. And when I hear mainstream-ish music with satanic messages, I’m sold.

I have also always had a soft spot for bands in disguises, I have loved KISS since Unmasked came out in 1980. So apart from the sexy satanism and the groovy 1970’s heavy rock, the fact that the members are anonymous really makes me happy.

Acoording to my stats, I’ve listened to Ghost 317 times, and that’s only the digital plays… Baby – Daddy’s HOOKED.


Opus Eponymous:


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