Ghost – Opus Eponymous & Infestissumam



I have taken a long time to get to writing about my love for Ghost. But now I’m ripe.

Ghost is a Swedish heavy metal band. Little is known about the true identities of the members, who guise as Nameless Ghouls (instruments) and Papa Emiritus II (vocals).

They have released two albums, and this entry is about them both.

Opus Eponymous is their first lp. It deals heavily with satanic and carnal matters. The music is incredibly groovy. I read about Ghost when this was released, and gave the record a spin on Spotify. But I wasn’t in the mood for it, and dismissed it as wannabe Mercyful Fate. Then their second lp Infestissumem came out, and I stumbled upon a nifty yellow vinyl edition one day and had some change in my pocket. So I bought it, and was blown away. To be honest, I have always loved music with a satanic edge. I am not a satanist, but as you can see on this blog, I often listen to satanic music. And when I hear mainstream-ish music with satanic messages, I’m sold.

I have also always had a soft spot for bands in disguises, I have loved KISS since Unmasked came out in 1980. So apart from the sexy satanism and the groovy 1970’s heavy rock, the fact that the members are anonymous really makes me happy.

Acoording to my stats, I’ve listened to Ghost 317 times, and that’s only the digital plays… Baby – Daddy’s HOOKED.


Opus Eponymous:


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