The Body – No One Deserves Happiness


I first learned of The Body when they released All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood in 2010, I was intrigued but not convinced. This has changed with the release of No One Deserves Happiness. I read this article: 5 Electronic Albums That Taught the Body How to Make Noise-Metal. I took a listen. And one more. And I was hooked. It dawned on me how conservative metal, punk and grindcore has become. If you stray from the formula, you’re scorned and ridiculed. But for fuck’s sake. There is no evil in bringing studio musicians, guest singers and studio wizardry into the creation of your music. Even if you are doing extreme metal/noise. It’s a common belief among metalheads, grindfreaks and punks that they are progressive and open minded, but it is nothing more than a (false) self image.

Now go, have a listen, and let The Body blow your mind!!


Cows – Cunning Stunts


I honestly can’t tell how and when I discovered this album. But recently I stumbled upon a Spotify playlist I made with it, and I have listened rather much to it since.

The opening slap and crying child, is a instant attention-getter, and the following 39 minutes is catchy rocky bliss.

I rather quickly decided to obtain this album, and luckily at has just been rereleased, so it was a nobrainer getting it.

I really dig the cover, and I have a very soft spot for extensive liner notes.


I have stolen the images for this blog post from the discogs entry, as I’m writing this away from my own copy of the record.

Listening Dogma

611189Ever since new years eve, I have played a game by myself, for myself and with myself. The rules are sketchy but goes a bit like this:

Every day in 2016, I have to decide what band, genre or theme my main listening will consist of that day.

Since it’s my own game, I get to bend the rules as I see fit. For what it’s worth here follows my list of Listening Dogma in January:

0101 Goregrind

0102 Butthole Surfers

0103 UKHC 1985-1989

0104 Noisecore and Noisegrind

0105 Records with Lee Dorrian on vocal duty

0106 Venom and Bathory

0107 Bolt Thrower

0108 Vastum, Coffins and Immortal

0109 Records associated with Jake and Mason of Reeking Cross (Enemy Soil, Jesus Of Nazareth, Exploding Meth Lab, Triac, Shit On Command)

0110 Compilations

0111 Music released by Relapse Records – this changed to David Bowie when I learned of his death (R.I.P.).

0112 Stereo Total

0113 Destruction, Sodom & Kreator

0114 Reggae

0115 Slough, Gore Beyond Necropsy and Last Days Of Humanity

0116 sunn o)))

0117 Garage rock

0118 Swedish metal

0119 80’s remix and 12″

0120 Fear Of God, Messiah, Triptychon and Celtic Frost

0121 Agoraphobic Nosebleed artist radio on Spotify

0122 Relapse Records Grindcore mix on Spotify

0123 Black Sabbath

0124 Warsore, Insect Warfare and Wormrot

0125 All things Danny Lilker

0126 Records released in 2006

0127 Remix EP’s

0128 Moon Duo artist radio on Spotify

0129 Fast Japanese music

0130 Slayer

0131 Extreme Noise Terror, Lärm & Heresy

Listening continues in February. Feel free to send med suggestions to what to listen to.

Now, That’s What I Call Music 2015


Oh me, oh my… It’s that time of the year again.

Here is the list of the albums I’ve listened to the most in 2015 (according to

Please note this is not only albums released in 2015.

1: Regurgitate: Effortless Regurgitation… The Torture Sessions

2: Napalm Death: Apex Predator – Easy Meat

3: Last Days Of Humanity: Putrefaction In Progress

4: The Magnetic Fields: 69 Love Songs

5: Melt-Banana: Return of 13 Hedgehogs (MxBx Singles 2000-2009)

6: Amon Amarth: Twilight Of The Thunder Gods

7: Moon Duo: Shadow Of The Sun

8: Godflesh: A World Lit Only By Fire

9: Tribulation: The Children Of The Night

10: Lightning Bolt: Fantasy Empire

11: Myrkur: M

12: Terrorizer: World Downfall

13: Toxic Holocaust: An Overdose Of Death

14: Behemoth: The Satanist

15: Nails: Abandon All Life

16: Celtic Frost: Morbid Tales

17: The Cure: Staring At The Sea: The Singles 1979-1985

18: Destruction: Infernal Overkill

19: GirlsNames/Kusari Gama Kill: Drum Tactics

20: Denak: Grindcore

21: Wormrot: Dirge

22: Anaal Nathrakh: Hell Is Empty, and All the Devils Are Here

23: Noisear: Subvert the Dominant Paradigm

24: Clogged: Clogged

25: Jenny Hval: Apocalypse, Girl

26: Cretin: Stranger

27: Pivixki: Gravissima

28: Repulsion: Horrified

29: The Kill: Kill Them… All

30: Bathory: The Return Of Darkness And Evil

Glædelig jul, alle mine smådjævle!


Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden


Oh how I love this lp. It came out when I was 9 years old, and I had no clue… But when I got turned to on to heavy metal in 1984, Iron Maiden was the very first band I openly admitted to liking (I secretly liked Destruction earlier, but only accepted myself as being a heavy freak after listen to Iron Maiden’s Flash of the Blade from Powerslave in late ’84).

Much debate has gone on through the years about who is the better singer for Iron Maiden – Paul Di’Anno or Bruce Dickinson, I personally have no grudge against either.

I hope you’ll enjoy this, as much as I do.

Myrkur – M


This has been a hugely anticipated lp for me. And I was totally satisfied by it. Tonight I’ll have the pleasure of seeing Myrkur live, and I really look forward to it.

Last Days Of Humanity – Putrefaction In Progress


A Divine Proclamtion Of Finishing The Present Existence!!!

This record stands alongside Napalm Death’s Scum and a few others, as a life changing experience for me. Just as I thought I had heard it all, this epileptic seizure came along and pushed my concept of what is possible sonically, to a higher level. I will give the word to the user Noktorn on, as he has summed up all the qualities of this lp far better than I ever could:

“And here… we… go.

If there was anything accessible about previous Last Days Of Humanity releases, it’s been violently stripped away here.  This didn’t necessarily ‘invent’ gorenoise; the primordial workings of that style stretch back to the mid-’90s.  But this and the new projects of Last Days Of Humanity members after that band’s dissolution absolutely canonized the basic elements of the style: insane speed, insane distortion, and almost nothing replicating actual ‘music’ as we know it.  This is Last Days Of Humanity’s masterpiece, and it makes sense that the band broke up after its release; I mean, what the fuck would top this?

When examining this album, you can’t really critique it as you would anything in the typical extreme metal or goregrind field; that’s all piteously mainstream and gentle compared to this beast.  What you’re in for is the most violent and extreme material of earlier Last Days Of Humanity taken to a wholly new level.  The vocals don’t just roar, they scream from the very gut of Erwin De Groot, and they’d be horrible enough alone, but the band feels the need to process it through every level of pitch-shifting and distortion known to man, putting them out the other side of the mike as something almost unrecognizable as coming from a human throat.

Guitars?  Are there guitars here, or just fifty distorted basses all playing something completely different?  There’s no memorable riffs here; the distortion is so massive all you hear is a wash of insane, ultra-fast, occasionally undulating noise in the background to the point where the very idea of doing a cover of one of these songs is laughable.  The riffs are so fast and probably so technical that they’re not even a melodic instrument anymore.  You forget that guitars are supposed to play notes and chords and that sort of thing on this album.  And the drums?  Well, the drumming performance on this album might be the most extreme I’ve ever heard provided entirely by a human; it sounds completely untriggered and perhaps the most consistently fast and brutal performance I’ve ever heard not supplied by a machine.  To say this album is one long blast beat punctuated by fills and the occasional pausing snare hit would be entirely accurate; the very fact that the drummer doesn’t pass out halfway through ‘A Divine Proclamation Of Finishing The Present Existence’ is a testament to human endurance.

You don’t listen to this album as much as you undergo it; the songs are almost randomly structured, with long strings of tremolo riffs and blasting suddenly stopping, two solitary snare hits echoing out of the speakers before the band dives back into the madness, not even giving the listener a chance to collect his or her (but really, his) thoughts before erupting into another insane blast of noise.  Despite how crazy and seemingly improvised this music is, you can tell it’s very carefully structured: everything seems to be perfectly on time, the sudden rhythms stops and starts are very precise, with single chiming ride cymbal strikes and suddenly muted chords coming out just too perfectly to be on the fly.  Because of this, it might be one of goregrind’s most complex releases; hell, I can barely call it goregrind or gorenoise since this sort of thing really seems more the purview of John Zorn than anyone in a Gut t-shirt.

This is of course barely music; I mean, occasionally a track will come around like ‘The Beauty Of Perfection In Sensible Cruelty’ which seems to hearken back to ‘The Sound Of Rancid Juices Sloshing Around Your Coffin’, but I don’t think that will comfort those bearing all the other tracks, which are nothing more than maelstroms of complete blood-drenched chaos.  That being said, there’s clearly a method to the madness; you almost wonder WHY this music is so careful and precise given its nature- I mean, would anyone notice the difference?  Perhaps not, but therein lies the genius: the complete nerve and single-mindedness and terrifying certainty it takes to make ‘music’ like this is a representation of what extreme music SHOULD be: wholly uncompromising, entirely insane, and very far beyond anything we’d call ‘human’.”


Low Threat Profile – Low Threat Profile (x 3)


What we are dealing with here, is three releases (one 12″ and two 7″‘s) by a so-called powerviolence dream team. Features Andy from No Comment, Matt from Infest and Bob from Lack of Interest.

They have released the above mentioned three records so far, and they are all of very high standard. As you can see the records have very similar layout, and the records’ sides are continuously numbered 1-6 as you can see on the photo below.

I’ll stand back, and let the music speak for itself…


Triple Thrash Treat

17805721144_5afef9bb19_o 18240546818_29d317862c_o 18401942816_fe7f690a8b_o

Triple Thrash Treat was my favorite part of Headbangers Ball on MTV back in the day… And my old chum Frederik just brought me back in time today, when he returned three classic thrash albums he borrowed from me 20 years ago (or so).

To be honest, I had completely forgotten that I had those lps, and I was stoked to get them back. Many a time I have been looking at them on discogs, but felt they were too expensive, so the thrill of suddenly owning them is huge.

The records are:

Destruction – Infernal Overkill

Destruction – Eternal Devastation

Sodom- Mortal Way Of Live

Sodom was the first band I saw live in Copenhagen, they played with Whiplash April 6th 1988. It was quite a good show.

Anyway, these three records are very close to my heart, being rough and energetic and catchy as hell.

Did I mention that the cover of Mortal Way Of Live is among the most kinky album sleeves ever? Have a look:


Happy cat!

Over and out!

Venom – Black Metal


Venom and I have travelled this strange existence together for the last many years. My old chum Kenneth has Welcome To Hell as picture disc and it was often played and enjoyed. Then in 1986 I went to Sweden for a week, there I met a Swedish metal head (whose name is lost in time), and he had At War With Satan, which he thought was too extreme for his tastes, so he gave it to me. Kenneth and I were blown away, especially by the title track. At some point Kenneth also bought Possessed, an album that ranks high on my inner album top 100. I even got my dear old English teacher to help translating the lyrics to Powerdrive into Danish.

What I like about Venom, is their roughness and punky sound. Their influence on what was to come is impossible to overstate.

I had the good fortune to see them live in Copenhagen in 2007 with Swedish Niflheim. We were about 50 die hard Venomites there, and even if the review from is luke warm, I personally had a blast.

My copy of Black Metal is a reissue with a bonus lp of Radio One sessions and 12″ versions. Nice things here too.

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