Listening Dogma

611189Ever since new years eve, I have played a game by myself, for myself and with myself. The rules are sketchy but goes a bit like this:

Every day in 2016, I have to decide what band, genre or theme my main listening will consist of that day.

Since it’s my own game, I get to bend the rules as I see fit. For what it’s worth here follows my list of Listening Dogma in January:

0101 Goregrind

0102 Butthole Surfers

0103 UKHC 1985-1989

0104 Noisecore and Noisegrind

0105 Records with Lee Dorrian on vocal duty

0106 Venom and Bathory

0107 Bolt Thrower

0108 Vastum, Coffins and Immortal

0109 Records associated with Jake and Mason of Reeking Cross (Enemy Soil, Jesus Of Nazareth, Exploding Meth Lab, Triac, Shit On Command)

0110 Compilations

0111 Music released by Relapse Records – this changed to David Bowie when I learned of his death (R.I.P.).

0112 Stereo Total

0113 Destruction, Sodom & Kreator

0114 Reggae

0115 Slough, Gore Beyond Necropsy and Last Days Of Humanity

0116 sunn o)))

0117 Garage rock

0118 Swedish metal

0119 80’s remix and 12″

0120 Fear Of God, Messiah, Triptychon and Celtic Frost

0121 Agoraphobic Nosebleed artist radio on Spotify

0122 Relapse Records Grindcore mix on Spotify

0123 Black Sabbath

0124 Warsore, Insect Warfare and Wormrot

0125 All things Danny Lilker

0126 Records released in 2006

0127 Remix EP’s

0128 Moon Duo artist radio on Spotify

0129 Fast Japanese music

0130 Slayer

0131 Extreme Noise Terror, Lärm & Heresy

Listening continues in February. Feel free to send med suggestions to what to listen to.

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