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No Trust – Heavy Hand (digital, 2016)

a0119549908_10I just had eye surgery, I had my lens removed in the right eye and got a shiny new artificial one. Now I see HD. It was a bad case of cataract. My friend Patrick Gresham, recommended this album as medication for the pain. And I really like it a lot. Powerful death metal, with some of the rougher vocals I’ve heard in a good while.

I suggest you go have a peek at No Trust on their bandcamp (link below).


Wadge – The End of Ethnology (cd 2016)


My relationship with Wadge goes back about 10-12 years, I was (and am) very much into drum-machine-driven grindcore, and as you might be aware, Wadge is exactly that.

At one point, I contacted Wadge via their MySpace, and was very excited to actually get an answer from Paul Wadge. We agreed to make a split between Wadge and my band Kusari Gama Kill, and Jay Randall of Agoraphobic Nosebleed fame agreed to release it on a new label he was planning, namely Grindcore Karaoke. The split was never made, but Paul and I kept in touch. He is a very nice man, and I still hope to shake hands with him one day.

Wadge has had a Tiki-theme going on for quite some time now, and it has been good fun, and great grind. But on this new album called The End of Ethnology, and is 100% Tiki-Free. As the liner notes go:

“This album is for those who value the ability to freely speak your mind over the modern worry of tiptoeing through the misguided muck of feelings. The anti-fascists have become the fascists. Modern day witch hunters trampling through life with stakes in their eyes. Redefining language and soothsaying thought. No one is immune from their delusional social arson, but only you can decide whether or not you burn. Stop, drop and roll, motherfuckers.

This album is for our comrades around the world. Oceans and miles separate us, but the affinity for this wretched filth keeps us close.”

Important words.

Musically this is Wadge in top-shape. The songs are lean and hungry snippets of grind. I love the production too, the best sounding Wadge record I know of.

I urge you to acquire this slap of plastic before it is sold out. Mortville has released it, and you can get it at the link below.

All there’s left to say, is: Take it sleazy, all the breast.


Gorgosaur – Lurking Among Corpses (CD 2016)


I met Åsa and Martin in August 2014 at Loppen, where Martin’s other band Razorrape was playing at a noisy grind show featuring said Razorrape, Dead Instrument and my band Kusari Gama Kill.

They were – and are – really nice people, and I enjoy having their presence in my facebookfeed.

Gorgosaur is all about death metal in the classic vein, I can highly recommend picking up this cd as well as their demo on their bandcamp.

Lurking Among Corpses will be out on lp later this year.

Gruesome – Dimensions Of Horror (2016)


Oh yes indeedy! This is some classic old school death metal in the vein of Scream Bloody Gore. I’m just finishing my second listen, and I’m very satisfied!

Get this before it’s sold out. As for Gruesome – I suspect they’ll never sell out!

Heh, seems like I inadvertently almost quoted my review of their LP Savage Land here…

Listening Dogma

611189Ever since new years eve, I have played a game by myself, for myself and with myself. The rules are sketchy but goes a bit like this:

Every day in 2016, I have to decide what band, genre or theme my main listening will consist of that day.

Since it’s my own game, I get to bend the rules as I see fit. For what it’s worth here follows my list of Listening Dogma in January:

0101 Goregrind

0102 Butthole Surfers

0103 UKHC 1985-1989

0104 Noisecore and Noisegrind

0105 Records with Lee Dorrian on vocal duty

0106 Venom and Bathory

0107 Bolt Thrower

0108 Vastum, Coffins and Immortal

0109 Records associated with Jake and Mason of Reeking Cross (Enemy Soil, Jesus Of Nazareth, Exploding Meth Lab, Triac, Shit On Command)

0110 Compilations

0111 Music released by Relapse Records – this changed to David Bowie when I learned of his death (R.I.P.).

0112 Stereo Total

0113 Destruction, Sodom & Kreator

0114 Reggae

0115 Slough, Gore Beyond Necropsy and Last Days Of Humanity

0116 sunn o)))

0117 Garage rock

0118 Swedish metal

0119 80’s remix and 12″

0120 Fear Of God, Messiah, Triptychon and Celtic Frost

0121 Agoraphobic Nosebleed artist radio on Spotify

0122 Relapse Records Grindcore mix on Spotify

0123 Black Sabbath

0124 Warsore, Insect Warfare and Wormrot

0125 All things Danny Lilker

0126 Records released in 2006

0127 Remix EP’s

0128 Moon Duo artist radio on Spotify

0129 Fast Japanese music

0130 Slayer

0131 Extreme Noise Terror, Lärm & Heresy

Listening continues in February. Feel free to send med suggestions to what to listen to.

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