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Gorgosaur – Lurking Among Corpses (CD 2016)


I met Åsa and Martin in August 2014 at Loppen, where Martin’s other band Razorrape was playing at a noisy grind show featuring said Razorrape, Dead Instrument and my band Kusari Gama Kill.

They were – and are – really nice people, and I enjoy having their presence in my facebookfeed.

Gorgosaur is all about death metal in the classic vein, I can highly recommend picking up this cd as well as their demo on their bandcamp.

Lurking Among Corpses will be out on lp later this year.

Bathory – Bathory


Look! Batlord!

This lp is so innocent and simple. No one knew how this would change the path of many a youngster, not least in Norway. No need to delve into that tragedy again.

Bathory was always a favorite of mine, I heard the songs on Scandinavian Metal Attack vol. I and II first. It was harsh stuff back in 1984. Now as a seasoned veteran, I enjoy the roughness and naïvety of the early Bathory, as well as the pompous viking stuff of later albums.


Tribulation – The Children Of The Night


I first learned of Tribulation after reading a review of their 2008 album The Horror. I bough it, and loved it. The thrashy death metal on that lp is fresh and invigorating. Listening to The Horror while writing this review, I am surprised to find that I can recognize many details in it, that reminds me of The Children Of The Night. But still, The Horror is quite straight forward.

The Children of The Night is anything but straight forward. Laddies and gentlemen. We might have the beginning of the future of metal here.

There, I said it!!

The Children Of The Night is a fantastic lp. I have listened to it quite a lot since its release, and haven’t really begun to fathom its depths yet. But smack my arse and call me Charlie! This is some good music, that transcends genres and rules. I taste Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Morbid Angel, Entombed, Ulver and so many other influences. I’ll be surprised if this lp oesn’t end up on top of many a Best of 2015-list.

Did I mention that it is a double vinyl with music on three sides, and a cool etching on side 4?

I might return with a better review – maybe even a track by track – later. For now, I’ll just engulf my self in the musical bliss that is The Children Of The Night!



Bathory – Bathory

Aaaaargh. This is a sweet lp. From beginning to end, it oozes evil.

No Yellowgoat – but the crosseyed goat looks good in white too.


Bathory – Under The Sign Of The Black Mark

20130607-150221.jpgThe first time my brother saw a Bathory lp, he misread the logo as Batlord. So he bought a Mentors lp instead… We were obsessed by Bathory back then. Phoned to all the Börje Forsbergs we could find in the phonebook. Börje was Quorthon’s father. We never got hold of the Real Börje though.

20130607-150603.jpgBathory was too us the most extreme music ever. And indeed, we also obsessed about Countess Elizabeth Bathory. I was excited that she had had a dwarf minion called Janos as my name is Janus.


General Surgery – Like An Ever Flying Limb 7″

This is some groovy grindy shit. I love General Surgery heap much, and consider all their releases to be essential for the mature grindfreak. If you’re into recycled redesigned classic Carcass riffs and ditto worship, this is for you!

Info: http://www.discogs.com/General-Surgery-Like-An-Ever-Flying-Limb/release/4028756

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