Bathory – Under The Sign Of The Black Mark

20130607-150221.jpgThe first time my brother saw a Bathory lp, he misread the logo as Batlord. So he bought a Mentors lp instead… We were obsessed by Bathory back then. Phoned to all the Börje Forsbergs we could find in the phonebook. Börje was Quorthon’s father. We never got hold of the Real Börje though.

20130607-150603.jpgBathory was too us the most extreme music ever. And indeed, we also obsessed about Countess Elizabeth Bathory. I was excited that she had had a dwarf minion called Janos as my name is Janus.


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4 responses to “Bathory – Under The Sign Of The Black Mark”

  1. Patrick Gresham says :

    keep posting, i’ll keep reading

  2. Boothaeven's says :

    Nice! I’m not that much into Bathory, but I sure would like a copy of this release!

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