Helmet – Meantime

Wow, it’s 21 years ago this monster of an lp surfaced. I saw the video for Unsung, and was blown to bits by its crushing heavyness and catchy riff.

I lived in a basement at the time, with my girlfriend Lisa, we were unemployed and out of cash, there was far between the record store visits. But I knew I had to get this one.

The release of Betty was yet another good experience music wise, and I guess I actually like Betty better than Meantime. But as I listen to it now, I’m reminded of the long borng pre-internet days in the basement with Lisa, where much of the entertainment came from visits from my buddy Heine, and our getting drunk in cheap beer and on one occasion cough syrup…

Later on I developed a profound hatred to Helmet, as I saw them as one of the reasons for the development of Nü-Metal (may it burn in Hell). And for many moons my Helmet records lay untouched.

But now I’m at peace with Mr. Hamilton et al. And it is good to have a spin of the old Interscope wax from 21 years ago.



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