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Sepik – Hunt The Ghost


I thought I’d never do this… A download only release on a vinyl blog. But then again – rules are there to be broken, right?

Sepik is all about groovy riffs and catchy choruses. The lyrics deal with not being too young anymore, dealing with tinnitus and other age-related stuff. I feel a deep bond with Sepik. This is a tribute to all us middle aged noiseniks.

It was released on Jay Randall’s Grindcore Karaoke label in 2013, and has gone unnoticed by the masses ever since – undeservedly so! Hence I decided to spread the word of this ought-to-be classic!




V/A – Hiatus, The Peaceville Sampler


This is one of the best 1980’s compilations I know of, alongside A Vile Peace and Hardcore Holocaust, this is top notch! I especially like the variety of the genres on Hiatus. Gold, Frankincense and Disk Drive was a strange band to put on a punk compilation, but in a peculiar manner they fit comfortably. I suggest you track down a copy of this gem, the video below is of GF+DD, as I think they deserve to be heard more. Other good bands on Hiatus are Electro Hippies, Doom, Sore Throat and Extra Hot Sauce. Enjoy!


Emptiness – Nothing But The Whole


I know nothing about Emptiness, but am pleasantly entertained… They seem to be Belgian. This lp is from 2014, and has gotten some cool reviews, and deservedly so. Lurking out-of-the-ordinary and creepy black metal.



Lotus Fucker – Lotus Fucker


I got this fucker – or should I say Lotus Fucker ahahaha – in the mail today. Lotus Fucker is a band I don’t know anything about, apart from the fact, that I like their peculiar hardcore… Enjoy and go hunting…


Moon Duo – Shadow of the Sun


I learned about Moon Duo via Instagram, I saw a photo of the band, and was intrigued by the band name. I then turned to Spotify and listened to their album Circles. As I’m a huge fanboy for repetitive patterns in music, and monotony, I was quite instantly hooked. I also have a weak spot for psychedelic rock, so Moon Duo hit me from two sides.

Shadow of the Sun is their new lp, including a 7″ with the fenomenal song Animal (video below). The album is a tiny biy more mellow than Circles, but just as mesmerizing and catchy. I have listened to it numerous times, and have a suspicion that this record will be on my top list at the end of the year.

They are playing Copenhagen next month, and I really look forward to seeing them.


Condemned? – Humanoid or Biomechanoid?


Back in the olden days, I was a big fan of Attitude Adjustment and Attitude?. Condemned? is the band bassist Keith Chatham made after a relocation to Australia. Attitude? was for a brief time called Condemned Attitude, and the bands recorded some of the same songs. I might be mistaken on some of this, as I have this information from my faulty memory of articles read in xeroxed punk/hardcore mags 20-odd years ago. And it seems to be quite wrong, read their real bio here: https://www.facebook.com/condemned/info?tab=page_info

I ordered this lp at Radio Holm in Ribe, but forgot to pick it up, and later discovered it in the bargains crate – my luck. Musically it is dark, spaced out and a tiny bit experimental crossover.

Nevertheless, this is a good record, that still gets frequent spins.

Condemned? are still active and in 2011 released the excellent Condemned 2 Death cd.


Napalm Death – Apex Predator – Easy Meat


As always I have been eagerly awaiting the new Napalm Death lp for months. As you might have noticed, Napalm Death is my all time favourite band. And yet again they deliver as expected. I have been continuously satisfied by their releases for the past 15 years (DON’T mention their records from the 1990’s).

I have been through my intense love for Napalm Death in earlier posts, but as the big fat fanboy I am, I’ll try to expand my earlier outpourings:

Why I love Napalm Death

By Janus W. aged 44.

First and foremost; they have such a massive sound, I’m no stranger to listening to frail sounding music, but nothing pleases me as a true wall of sound (no offence, Phil Spector, but you didn’t have a clue as to what WOS is…).

Second; they play FAST – and I love speed.

Third: Barney’s and Mitch’s trade off vocals makes me sincerely happy

Fourth; they aren’t afraid to voice their opinions, in an intelligent manner too. Their lyrics have always been thought provoking and interesting.

Fifth; they are still evolving. I have a deep respect for their constant mutations, soundwise.

Sixth; c’mon, it’s motherfucking NAPALM DEATH!!!!

I shall say no more.

Well, one last thing, I’m proud (in a non nationalistic way, of course) that they have chosen Danish artists for both the cover – Frode Sylthe, and the video for Smash A Single Digit – Elf Shot Lame Witch.

As Shane told 17 year old me back in 1988, when I asked him how he got his bass sound: “If you wanna grind, you have to have distortion on the bass…”


Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Chance


This is one of the first lps I bought after moving to Copenhagen in 1992. My girlfriend at the time – Lisa – and I discovered that we had a mutual liking for Manfred Mann. I have to admit, that the only song I had heard from Mr. Mann was Adolescent Dream, which I had taped from the radio sometime during the 1980’s. I bought this lp in a second hand record store called Accord, and was quite excited to get to hear more than the one song.

If you’re familiar with Adolescent Dream – and this album as a whole – you might understand my surprise, this wasn’t the weird electronic lp I had expected. But still a fair album, just different.

I haven’t listened to this for a decade or more, but it still has charm.

Oh, and there are sleeve notes in abundance which I dig a lot, I remember this was the first lp I saw with such.

I have to give you the lyrics for Adolescent Dream, as they’re beautiful and strange and haunting:

Adolescent Dream

You’re not the great romantic

Crystal juke-box queen

You’re not my old adolescent dream

You’re not my spiritual gypsy

My fifty Chevy Machine

You’re not my old adolescent dream

Oh no my friend

You stand above all that

You’re my life

My love

My blood

My soul

You’re not the way I planned it

The way it’s meant to be

You’re not my old adolescent dream

Oh no my friend

You stand above all that

You’re my life

My love

My blood

My soul

Oh no, you’re not my old adolescent dream


My annual top list of good music


My annual top list of the music I enjoyed the most this year, please note this is NOT a top list of releases from 2014, but a list compiled from my last.fm data of all the music I have listened to in iTunes, on my iPod and on Spotify. The list of records is heavily edited due to the large difference of the number of songs on these releases, but the band list is accurate.

1 Myrkur – Myrkur (2014)
2 Ghost – Infestissumam (2013)
3 Ripcord – Poetic Justice (1988)
4 Machetazo – Mundo Cripta (2008)
5 Bolt Thrower – In Battle There Is No Law (1988)
6 Cathedral – The Last Spire (2013)
7 Heresy – Face Up To It (1988)
8 Amon Amarth – Twilight Of The Thunder God (2008)
9 Noisear – Subvert The Dominant Paradigm (2011)
10 General Surgery – Left Hand Pathology (2006)
11 Godflesh – A World Lit Only By Fire (2014)
12 Extreme Noise Terror – A Holocaust In Your Head (original 1988 recording) (1989)
13 Concrete Sox – Whoops Sorry Vicar (1987)
14 Gore Beyond Necropsy – Noise-A-Go Go (1998)
15 Gridlink – Longhena (2014)
16 Blockheads – This World Is Dead (2013)
17 Mayhem – Chimera (2004)
18 Darkthrone – Dark Thrones & Black Flags (2008)
19 Weekend Nachos – Still (2013)
20 Sete Star Sept/Penis Geyser – Split 7” (2012)
21 Septic Tank – The Slaughter (2013)
22 Toxic Holocaust – Chemistry Of Consciousness (2013)
23 Cloud Rat – Moksha (2013)
24 Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope (2002)
25 Fucked Up – Hidden World (2006)

1 Ripcord
2 Sete Star Sept
3 Napalm Death
4 Bolt Thrower
5 Warsore
6 Godflesh
7 Ghost
8 Agoraphobic Nosebleed
9 Bathory
10 Machetazo
11 General Surgery
12 Insect Warfare
13 Heresy
14 Extreme Noise Terror
15 Darkthrone
16 Carcass
17 Gridlink
18 Cryptic Slaughter
19 Slayer
20 Sore Throat
21 Mercyful Fate
22 Anaal Nathrakh
23 Myrkur
24 Doom
25 Venom

Watch me listen here: http://www.last.fm/user/Sortebob

Happy yuletide to all
Have a fun new year!


Sete Star Sept/Lotus Fucker – Supplication/Destroy All Music Now

image2-2 image4

This is a record I have been having dirty thoughts about since I heard of it. Unfortunately it was sold only on the Sete Star Sept 2014 North American tour, (comes with tour poster), and I am kinda living in Denmark, with no funds for going to a noisecore show on another continent.

Luckily my good friend Josh of Limbs Bin had the privilege of being the opening act for Sete Star Sept and Lotus Fucker in NYC, and he was kind enough to purchase this marvelous split for me. And slap my ass and call me Charlie if obtaining this isn’t well worth the trouble. Both bands deliver top work. An interesting detail is that 7S7 emulate Lotus Fucker’s hardcore, and Lotus Fucker in turn emulate the trademark 7S7 noisegrind. Also they have swapped artwork style.

I’m too stoked to write more, I’ll have yet another listen instead.



I couldn’t find a vid from this particular split, and I have chosen to link to a Lotus Fucker video instead, as I love the band a lot, and want to share the joy. And let’s face it, everybody knows how Sete Star Sept sounds…

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