PJ Harvey – Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea


I have liked PJ Harvey since To Bring You My Love. My friend Martin introduced me to her. In those days we were young and reckless students at The Royal School of Library and Information Science in Copenhagen.

Back cover

We spent the days drinking beer, playing Magic: the Gathering and listening to music. We were bartenders at the weekly school bar, having themes for most of the (Elvis, Tom Waits etc.).


When Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea was released in 2000, I had graduated as a fully trained librarian, and also left that line of work completely. I still drank beer and listened to music though, so it was a given case, to buy this lp. I bought it at the legendary record store Baden Baden in Copenhagen,


I still remember very vividly the impact this lp had on me from the very first listen.

I love the part in Good Fortune, where she sings:

When we walked through
Little Italy
I saw my reflection
Come right off your face


I still love this lp very much.

It’s also by sheer strange qiurk of fate one of the most expensive records in my collection, according to Discogs this edition sells for between €60 and €150… I ain’t selling though…

Info: http://www.discogs.com/P-J-Harvey-Stories-From-The-City-Stories-From-The-Sea/release/415842

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