Cloud Rat – Moksha lp 2013

Cloud Rat – Moksha LP 2013

Cloud Rat is one of my favorite alt-grind bands. The combination of thinking outside the standard grindcore formula, while retaining ferocity and anger pleases me a lot.

This lp was released last year, and I consider it to be the strongest work of Cloud Rat yet. The comparison to Fuck The Facts is tempting, but I consider Cloud Rat to be superior to FTF. Mainly due to the punkier vibe to Cloud Rat (I’m not very fond of getting too much metal in my grindcore…).

This lp here is a delightful package, a beautiful cover, and overall a nice record to look at and touch. Listeningwise it rules all the way through. The Neil Young cover song (Needle and the Damage Done) kick my viking arse to Valhalla and back.

Get it!


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