Blockheads – This World Is Dead

Blockheads - This World Is Dead

At first I bought this as mp3’s, then I bought the cd, and now I have bought the lp. That’s how good this album is. From the opening song Deindividualized though the next 23 perfect grindcore songs to doom-ish closer Trail of the Dead, this is a solid album. Shame on me, but I had never heard of Blockheads before this was released, which serves to prove that I really am in the know about grindcore… That aside, it is always great to learn of new music. And I have a vain hope that this blog sometimes give my readers the urge to listen to unknown stuff. That way I try to give back all the good experiences other bloggers have given me throughout the years.

As a new thing on Vinyllistener, I’ll try to embed a video from the record.

This is pure grind, not many traces of metal, and plenty of sexy breaks. The vocals are varied, and the playing is super tight. I’m crazy about the cover too, very disturbing image – much more so than the usual grim shit.

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