Extra Hot Sauce – Taco Of Death

20130507-170346.jpgIf I could only listen to one lp for the rest of my life, I might select this masterpiece.

20130507-170814.jpgIf you don’t trust me, then read the sticker.
The drummer is Dan Lilker, and this record is grossly forgotten by most.

20130507-171005.jpgThe songs are catchy, the lyrics good fun, and the production is… interesting.

If you come across this gem, then don’t hestitate. Grab it! There are some good fun to be had here, AND a speedy Black Sabbath cover version….

20130507-193834.jpgHere is a bonus photo. It’s the Extra Hot Sauce demo tape. My buddy Kenneth owns it.

Here is the Discogs info on the release I own: http://www.discogs.com/Extra-Hot-Sauce-Taco-Of-Death/release/383244

And here is the info on the us version on Arena Records (run by Glenn Evans of Nuclear Assault): http://www.discogs.com/Extra-Hot-Sauce-Taco-Of-Death/release/993682


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