Godstomper/Gorgonized Dorks – Split 10″


This 10″ split is one of the best split ep’s I know of. The music from both bands is killer and it is sure to satisfy the cravings of even the most demanding noisepunk.


As a bonus the pink 10″ vinyl looks like something out of Candy Crush.

More info: http://www.discogs.com/Gorgonized-Dorks-Godstomper-Gorgonized-Dorks-Godstomper/release/3688363

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One response to “Godstomper/Gorgonized Dorks – Split 10″”

  1. katz - g.dorks says :

    glad to see you enjoying one of a myriad of our releases! yes, this was a good one! i tore the skin off three of my fingertips while recording the basic trax in the studio, as we did it all in 2.5 hours! we all chugged like half dozen cans of monster and rockstar beforehand, as well… we were on fire!

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